Paint and Photography


For over two decades I have been shooting photographs.  My work has been published and printed which is gratifying, but I also place an equal level of importance and satisfaction on the image itself.  At a moment in time, I determine what to capture.  To me, the "why" is equally as important as the "how."

At the center of it all is my attraction to color or the absence of color.

For me, painting is about the combination and contrast among colors, designs, shapes and textures.  I am influenced by the world around me and by my photography.

Inspiration comes at various times: in the car, walking the dog, or as I start to fall asleep at night.  The timing may be odd, but my vision is clear.

I approach my work with enthusiasm, creativity and flexibility knowing that the ideas in my head are subject to change at any time.  And I love that.

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